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Performers 2012

John Apesos

John Apesos has a plan to grow food in empty office buildings for not only making good use of the buildings, but also helping the environment by keeping transport to a minimum.

Sandra van Kampen

Sandra van Kampen’s deputy director of Urgenda and program manager sustainable food. “With Urgenda we want to accelerate sustainability. We do this by connecting and supporting leaders.” Together with Foodlog she started NieuwVers, the movement for healthy and sustainable food. There are countless businesses and individuals in the Netherlands working on sustainability in the food industry. “I want to inspire people, we’ve lost the connection with our food and that’s a sin. Food is our main link with nature, it gives us pleasure and connects us to other people and the producers who make our food. For me, food is all about love. That’s my message and i will share more of this with you march 30th.”



Peter Smith

Peter Smith, founder of the Klean foundation. Klean is an acronym for “Klagen Loont Echt Absoluut Niet” meaning complaining doesn’t solve anyhting.He took the phrase “Be the change you want to see in the world” at heart. So now he picks up litter every day and to his surprise, it makes him happy!

Two birds with one stone: A better world and a happier life.



Ralien Bekkers

This strong woman is only 19 years old and yet she already works as a coordinator for the Youth & Sustainability department at the Dutch National Youth Council. Besides this busy job, she also studies ‘Future Planet Studies’ fulltime at the UvA. She is passionate about sustainable development, especially in the field of education. Her goal is to achieve good future prospects for youth interests. Bekkers believes that you can reach your goals throughout enthusiasm, optimism and active participation.

Reni de Boer

Reni de Boer- Reni, former Mis(s) Netherlands, believes that the way we think about disability needs to change. That there needs to be a shift of paradigm. From taking care of people with disabilities to a society based on Equal Rights. A lot of the disabilities people experience are caused by a society that isn’t well adapted. Reni has started the action group ‘Lekker Stuk’ to change the image we have on disability. She will share her vision and the ideas of  ‘Lekker Stuk’ with us.

Gerben Baaij

Gerben Baaij – A sociologist, specializing in leisure and tourism, turned citymarketeer. Baaij has always been intrigued by how the human mind works and processes and interprets information. Is what you see what you get? Is reality as we observe it something objective, or is it an interpretation of what we perceive by our brain, influenced by evolution, personal experience, culture, expectation, context and even the physical structure of the brain itself? Big questions, without easy answers, but important in marketing and communication. Baaij will share some thoughts with us about how our brain gives meaning to the world and why that is important to understand.



Joris Lohman

Joris Lohman- Lohman is the initiator of the Food Film Festival, that will take place on march 17 till 19th of 2012. Throughout this Festival, Lohman wants to create awareness about the realities about our food industries. He believes the way we produce, collect and sell food has to changee. He wants to create awareness by the consumers by showing films and documentaries. He believes the power to change the food system is with the people, who should not only speak about sustainability but also act on it.

Marije Vogelzang

Designers who work with the subject ‘food’ are often called food designers. According to Vogelzang, food is already perfectly and beautifully designed by nature. She is for example inspired by the origin of food, the preparation, etiquette, history or the culture of food. That is why she doesn’t call herself food designer but, as the first one in the world, eating-designer. Her aim is to look at the content and background of the food. The shape is just a tool to tell the story. Vogelzang is trying to show the exploration and potency of a new approach on the act of eating, or is it a new approach on design? She will share her thoughts with us on march 30th.

Jeroen Timmers

After a couple of years in corporate life, Timmers decided to quit his job and went on a travel in search for his essence. After he returned from his travel, he decided to unconditionally give away his ticket to Lowlands. Then things went crazy. Right now, he is the driving force behind ‘Giving is All we Have’ and is doing everything within his power to change the world to evolve around giving. He will take us along on his journey and shows how his search for essence, an ideal and a small gesture is changing the world.

Dirk de Boe

De Boe is co-author of the book Edushock. He identifies global changes in almost all areas, except in our education system. That system is, according to de Boe, unchanged since the 19th century, education at scheduled times, according to a set curriculum. This is one of the reasons many students lose their focus and are not able to concentrate and therefore rarely find their passion in life. He believes that education must change. How? He tells us his vision and idea’s on March 30th.