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Performers 2011


Marloes Collins

We are standing at the beginning of a new era. Old style marketing makes place for permanent contact and a everlasting dialogue with and between stakeholders. Now more than ever we need to listen to the people we want to connect with. Not to sell our products to them, but to make them ambassadors for our ideas. With them we can create impact, co-create the most fantastic ideas that are worth spreading. Sharing our knowledge is the key for this


Suhad Alfartsusi

Is one of the souls behind TEDxBaghdad, together with founder Yahay AlAbdeli and an amazing team they are planning to organize the first ever TEDxBaghdad in November 2011. This passionate, creative but most of all motivated immigrant that has been living in Dordrecht for many years will show us what we can achieve as an individual by just taking the initiative.


Matthijs Lievaart

Artist Matthijs Lievaart initiated a variety of sustainable projects. He has a strong passion for music, the sea and especially the beach. One of the projects that keep Matthijs busy is “doe mee, verlos de zee”. One of the success stories of the individual initiative, something that he believes in very strongly.

Richard Stomp

Richard Stomp

Richard is the worlds first Chief Wow Officer. By taking on that title, he took full responsibility for creating wow in the world. His personal mission is to persuade as many people as he possibly can, to do the same: become Chief Wow Officer of their world. And by doing so take on the full responsibility for creating wow in that world. Not because their manager or their formal job description says so, but because they feel the need to make the world a better place. Stop waiting for permission. Stop hiding behind job descriptions. Start making wow. Change the world.


Marjan Ippel

‘Food is so much more than just filling your stomach or keeping your body healthy and in shape. Eating is a social happening, Food fraternizes. Knowledge and understanding others often starts in the kitchen. Food opens doors and hearts and is often the start of a revolution. For instance the French revolution in 1789 which started with a bread revolt. Food = Sustainable, Sharing!’ Says, foodtrendwatcher Marjan Ippel, author of the What (not) to eat-sequel, the style annual for food trends and the establisher of both the underground boerenmarkt (- farmers’ market in Amsterdam) and the foodtrendwebsite


Marco Wisse

Marco Wisse is managing director of Naarderheem (Vivium Zorggroep) a (high) care facility for elderly people. A couple of years ago Wisse decided to say good bye to regular meal services from the centralized kitchen of his organization. He reinstalled the dedicated dedicated kitchen with great success. Patients, relatives, visitors and personnel is enthusiast about this move. What does this example tell us, what can we learn from it and how can we profit from it?


Patty Golsteijn

Patty hardly ever felt she fit in and started to wonder from a young age if things could be done differently. She would find her own ways to work around the system without being afraid to do things differently and sometimes even radically. She quit her job at the age of 25 to become an entrepreneur, without having any idea what she was going to do and how she would make it work. Having been involved in a range of different projects from the age of 14, you could say she is a generalist, with a strong passion for education, entrepreneurship, leadership and talent development. Patty will invite you to stop working against our current education system and to start supporting and joining new initiatives that are revolutionizing the world of education.


Henk Oosterling

Dr. Henk Oosterling Henk Oosterling (Rotterdam, 1952) teaches dialectic philosophy, French philosophy of differences, intercultural philosophy and philosophy of arts in the Faculty of Philosophy since 1985 and is associate professor since 2001. Oosterling has studied Philosophy & Japanese language at Leiden University but obtained his MA-degree (cum laude) in Philosophy at Erasmus University in 1985. In 1996 Oosterling obtained his PhD (cum laude) with a dissertation entitled ‘Moved by Appearances – Towards a hypercritique of xenophobic reason’. Source:


Jan van Betten

After a career spanning two decades, both in the Netherlands and abroad, of which the last five years as CEO for the international publishing house Reed Elsevier Germany, Jan concluded that he could very well deploy his knowledge, experience and network for a sustainable society. Inspired by developments in Germany, where a consumer platform for sustainable consumption hit a soft spot both at consumers and companies he decided to establish Nudge. Nudge stands for bottom-up change. Gently nudging our society towards a green economy.