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Weizigt Centre

Sustainability Centre Weizigt

We’re proud to announce that our venue of this year’s TEDxDordrecht event is the Sustainability Centre Weizigt.

This is what Weizigt does

Our mission is to stimulate sustainable thinking and acting in Dordrecht and the Drechtsteden. Our target groups are residents, school children, but also businesses and other organizations. We educate approximately 20.000 people every year, young and old. In addition 160.000 people visited our Sustainabilitycentre in 2011. We are lucky to have the most sustainable petting zoo of the Netherlands on our grounds, which attracts and inspires many visitors.

website: Duurzaamheidscentrum Weizigt

How to get there?

Van Baerleplantsoen 30

3314 BH Dordrecht
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